Moths: the nocturnal do-gooders we don’t deserve

A love letter to moths. I lied, more of an appreciation post for them. They do more for the planet than you might realise.


Opinonzz: Buzz! Hum! Whoop! The Adorable Noises of Bees

Great piece by a fellow course mate on bees and their importance in the world. Follow SciHive for more pieces written by an all-lady lineup in the world of science communication yo


Surrounded by a gentle but persistent hum that reverberated from my feet to my face, I stood under the towering lattice of metal rods that broke up the sunlight into hexagonal streams. This was a few years ago, when I visited the beautiful sculpture by Wolfgang Buttress in London’s Kew Gardens: a giant 17-metre-high humming aluminium beehive. Buttress created the immersive experience to draw attention to the environmental threats that bees face from human activity and climate change.

image 1Image: WikiMedia Commons

The feature of the artwork I remember most clearly – even though the sculpture itself was imposing, structurally impressive and beautifully lit  – was the buzz of an active beehive projected through hidden speakers. The hum resonated off the 40-tonne metal structure with fascinating intensity, coming directly from a beehive elsewhere in the gardens that had been hooked up to a microphone and projected throughout the structure.  The pulsing…

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