I didn’t keep my promise, again

Hi everyone.

I must apologise, I haven’t kept my promise with regards to posting with more regularity on this blog. What can I say? I’ve been super busy…

I found a job! No longer am I the gentleman to provide you with bags on self-scan, bring you a trolley or boop beep your items through the checkout. I’m now a Data Executive for Marston’s PLC. Yes, from Genetics to a pub company, such a natural progression (ha, ha, ha).

So, what this means? I’ve been incredibly occupied with work as the current project is very demanding. However, don’t think I’ve forgotten about this blog! I will continue to write pieces that you will hopefully enjoy. They’ll just have more time between their publishing. I’ll still post, just less frequently but hopefully with some sort of reasonable scheduling. Though, posting with less frequently than I currently do maybe isn’t the best description to entice you into reading my posts, considering the frequency of my posts at this juncture isn’t, eh, good.

Right, I must thank you for your patience and I look forward to posting more content at some ambiguous and unknown point in the future. Thank you all for reading up to this point and I shall do my best.

P.S. give me some time to edit my bio as a lot has changed since I began this blog!

Peace out, you lovely individuals.

– Ajay.


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