Hello and welcome to The Writing Geneticist, a blog created by myself, the Writing Geneticist (smooth man, smooth)… I’m a graduate in Genetics and Molecular Biology (class of 2016 gimme a hell yeah).

The purpose of this blog is to communicate science in a way that everyone can understand. I will do my best to cut out the scientific jargon, pitching ideas and research findings in a relatable manner, nice and compactly. My (not solely owned by me, promise) degree field will be one of the core focuses on this blog, though I can say with some confidence that I’ll venture into writing about other things. Writing is not to be restricted, after all.

*The venture has begun and my focus has indeed changed. As a vegan, this blog will now focus on that as well as molecular biology/genetics. The blog will also showcase bits of my creative writing in the guise of short stories and poetry that, for some reason, I’ve begun to write.*

Right, well thank you for visiting this blog. I hope that you enjoy both my content and riding shotgun (chick-chick boom) whilst I embark on a new adventure.

Hopefully I captured your attention. Want to know a bit more about me? Click here. Perhaps you’d like to get straight to my posts? If so then, without further ado, click here.

Feedback is always welcome, we bloggers don’t blog just to put content out there and express ourselves, conversation and dialogue are key! How else will we become better without criticisms or compliments? So please, if you want to say something drop me a comment!


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