Hello and welcome to The Writing Geneticist, a blog created by myself, the Writing Geneticist (smooth man, smooth)… I’m a graduate in Genetics and Molecular Biology (class of 2016 gimme a hell yeah).

The purpose of this blog is to communicate science in a way that everyone can understand. I will do my best to cut out the scientific jargon, pitching ideas and research findings in a relatable manner, nice and compactly. My (not solely owned by me, promise) degree field will be one of the core focuses on this blog, though I can say with some confidence that I’ll venture into writing about other things. Writing is not to be restricted, after all.

Right, well thank you for visiting this blog. I hope that you enjoy both my content and riding shotgun (chick-chick boom) whilst I embark on a new adventure.

Hopefully I captured your attention. Want to know a bit more about me? Click here. Perhaps you’d like to get straight to my posts? If so then, without further ado, click here.


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