Who is the Writing Geneticist?

(The guy in the low-res photo above doing the weird winking thing)

Ajay Rai.

Officially a life force on this planet for 22 years and some change, Ajay used to work for a supermarket, a job he held for 4.5 years and one that he upheld whilst at university. He also worked for his Student’s Union for the last two years of university (yup, he held two jobs), so his aspirations were somewhat sidetracked by him being so busy. He then worked in data, for a pub company (natural transition, obviously). He proceeded to leave that job in favour of pursuing a Masters and he now studies in Manchester for an MSc in Science Communication.

Ajay has always had a vested interest in article-writing as well as journals and journalism. At some point he would like to become a professional editor or writer but everyone’s beginnings are humble – for Ajay that is this blog.

Enough of that though, what can you expect? Well, you can expect him to write to the best of his ability about topics of his interest. As laid out previously, molecular biology is a core topical focus but he will be writing about other topics. Hopefully, that should make for an entertaining yet insightful blog, as well as the odd bit of randomness.

Randomness on cue. So cool. This is unintentionally creepy.

Writing about yourself in the third person is quite the experience, odd I would say. Nonetheless, regardless of how odd it may be, there’s nothing I can do about it now. Unless, of course, I change it… Nah, I’m not gonna do that. Ciao.


Molecular biology and genetics were the core topical focuses initially, however, since turning vegan Ajay will be branching out into the topics of veganism, animal rights, ethics and the like. I’ve also begun to branch out into short stories, creative writing and poetry – don’t ask why (I don’t know myself). These will now be central to the blog and genetics/molecular biology will more than likely play second fiddle to them. Don’t think that I won’t be writing about them anymore, I will. I am still The Writing Geneticist after all, a geneticist who, well, writes. Just less so about genetics and more about being part of the illustrious VGang (yes, I said VGang).

Geneticist by day, animal superhero by night. And also by day.

I hope you’re still willing to join me on my journey despite the change.


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